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Embracing Our Differences

Two blocks from my home, in a park by the bay, there’s an exhibition going on.

It’s a temporary installation of several billboard-sized works of art scattered throughout the park. Each has an accompanying quote, and all speak to the universal themes of differences  and acceptance.

The images are created by established artists, budding artists and sensitive souls, the youngest being 8 and the oldest being, well, I’m not really sure. And they come from everywhere – down the street and around the world. There were nearly 12,000 entries from 111 countries and 44 states. And out of those, 45 were chosen to represent and support diversity. It’s remarkable, really. It’s an open air museum of thoughts made visual. 

And the public is taking it all in, in the best way possible. They stroll, they look, they pause, they think. It’s the soft-sell approach to a better world. No yelling, no lecturing, no fighting. Just art. Everywhere. Art.

David Hockney once said, ”Sometimes the very act of looking can make a thing beautiful.” A wonderful approach to just about everything.

So, here I am in the park today – strolling, looking, pausing, thinking – with lots of other very different kinds of people doing the same thing.

And there isn’t a wall in sight.

It’s a beautiful thing.

We must build bridges across our differences to pursue the common good. 
– Cory Booker

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Everyone is beautiful, each in their own way, but those who make their own way have a different spark – something in the eyes, I think.