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A Tropical Christmas

Warm holiday wishes.

So, it’s December. How about that? On your marks, get set and GO! It’s time for the holiday relay to fly into full gear. And it always seems that no matter how much planning you do, and by you, of course, I mean me, there’s always something you forgot, or can’t find, or cryptic notes you wrote in June and stuffed away for safe keeping til now and you read them and they say things like “those books would be great!” or “add Minnie and Juan to the list.” And I ask you now, What books exactly? And who are Minnie and Juan?

This year to add to the confusion, we’re experiencing our first full season in a tropical climate, and let me tell ya, palm trees and Santa Claus are a funny combination. So is Christmas shopping in shorts and a tank top. So is the thought of home made cookies and Egg Nog when it’s 82 degrees outside. Puts a whole new spin on things. The weather outside is not frightful but your arms are still delightful…and sleeveless. 

But getting back to the prep-work for the season, I think we’re actually in good shape. The shopping list is longer than ever but mostly done, wrapped, ribboned and shipped. The apartment has been seasonally beautified to the nth degree by the Muse, who has a gift for the beautiful and bedecked. This year, he was able to get one gynormous tree and decorate it with the ornaments of two densely-populated trees from the former life. It’s beyond spectacular and referring to it as “decorated” seems inadequate. As one friend put it,“It’s not just impressive, it’s Ver-Genius!” 

So now it’s on to the festivities and entertainments and get-togethers that get kicked off this week on a daily basis and pretty much don’t let up til some time after new years! It’s exhausting and crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re very fortunate and are truly appreciative.

So, here I sit by the pool on the last afternoon of pre-celebration, getting some sun in a tiny bathing suit and a huge santa hat – it’s a look. And in this beautiful place we now call home, it just seems right.

Happy. Merry. Tan. 

– me

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