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| February 28, 2019

Number 275


I know, right?

So, today I turned 65, which seems next to impossible, but there it is. I don’t feel like I’m 65, whatever I think that’s supposed to feel like. I don’t look 65…from a block away…in dim light. And god knows, I don’t act like I’m 65. Some might say I’m, in fact, immature, and some others have implied that I’m insincere in my enthusiasm. To both of these I say, not interested. 

I’m overjoyed that I find joy so easily. I’m thrilled that I live in a land of exclamation points!!!!! I’m happy to be able to find something beautiful in everyone and everything. I’m ecstatic to be excited by “new” and not judgmental of “that”.

One of the nice surprises of living in the Facebook/Instagram era is that, when your birthday comes around, you hear from all kinds of people that normally wouldn’t have contacted you without the on-line reminder, and we all know that right? But what difference does that make? They saw the reminder and they picked up on it and they chose to stop for a second and say “Happy Birthday” and sometimes much more than that.

And the thing that I love, truly love, is seeing the jam up of names – the childhood friends, the college friends, the people who worked for me, the people I’ve worked for, the new touchstones – all together for a special moment, and you realize then and there, that you’ve touched people and they’ve touched you and you’ve shared stuff…and it mattered. It matters still.

I was odd as a little boy. Kind of a whack job now, so that’s no surprise. I didn’t blend well, always a little off. Fortunately for me, I was born into a family that embraced that oddity and cherished it and allowed it to grow. That gift was never lost on me or taken for granted, and as a result, I’ve always had a fondness for, and have gravitated toward, the odd duck in the room, the unicorn, the bird with the broken wing, the original – the one that’s a little off. 

I’m a huge fan of different and going out on limbs and taking chances because, you know why? Of course you do. Life is short and we only get one shot at it, unless of course, you’re coming back, but you can’t really plan for that, let alone pack.

So, do it, love it, say it, make it, share it, encourage it, and complement it when you see it! It being LIFE! Now’s the time and it goes by soooo fast.

Today I had the great joy of seeing  the names and good wishes from people that span generations and chapters of my own story. I smiled at every one, had an instant memory-vison of every one, joy from every one. I wouldn’t be who I am without each of them and I like to think that I’ve been a supporting player in their own stories. It’s been a wonderful day, and a wonderful life so far!

So, I’m glad I don’t act my age, or look my age… from a block away…in dim light. And I’m thrilled, thrilled I say, to be immature and enthusiastic! Because there are so many more people I’ve yet to meet, so many more stories I’ve yet to hear, so many more hugs I’ve yet to hug!!!!! 

My ultimate birthday gift every year is everyone I’ve ever met and every new friend I’ve made in the passing year. This year has been truly epic! Thank you. Sincerely. And with enthusiasm!!!!!

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius
and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

– Marilyn Monroe

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