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| January 13, 2017

Number 202

A to Z

And everything in between.

I made up a game, a challenge, something that doesn’t require any special skills or tools. It can be played in a group or alone. It’s based on a children’s travelling game – something to keep them occupied on a long ride. That game is called Alphabet and the idea is to find every letter of the alphabet in order…on store signs, on billboards, on license plates, you name it. There’s another version of that game where the idea is to come up with a thing that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in order.

So, I was wondering what an alphabet game for adults would look like. What if the idea was to come up with a thing that begins with each letter of the alphabet and also, somehow, defines or explains you? A word, a name, something you do, something you enjoy, something you stand for, something that tells others a little more about you? I think it sounds like an interesting exercise. Here goes…..

AAll About Eve – Wit raised to high art.

B – Boots – They make you sure of yourself. Shoes need not apply.

C – Clouds – Endless possibilities.

D – Donkey – Also known as an ass. I’ve always been a sucker for a cute donkey.

EEtch-a-Sketch – My first laptop.

F – Family – Everything.

G – George Gershwin – The ultimate life soundtrack, if you’re up for it.

H – Hugs – My favorite exercise.

 I – Imagination – Bend it, shape it, any way you want it.

J – John Singer Sargent – The value of technique, the impact of a gesture.

K – Klieg Lights – Energized magic on a grand scale.

L – Lightning Bugs – Energized magic on a very small scale.

M – Martini – It’s all about the glass…and the implications.

N – New York City – The ultimate life stage set, Act 2.

OOf Human Bondage – Life can be painful and beautiful at the same time.

P – Painting – An ever-changing love affair.

QQE2 – Art deco on the high seas, with cocktails.

RReal Housewives of Beverly Hills – Botox on the west coast, with cocktails.

SStudio 54 – When memory and fantasy combine.

TTop Hat – Fred and Ginger. Effortless perfection created from a punishing, protean work ethic.

U – UglyBeautiful – So much more interesting.

V – Versatility – Change partners, and dance.

W – Wit – It’s all in the timing…and observational humor…and core intelligence…

X – Xtemporaneous – Just go for it.

Y – Yellow – The color of joy.

Z – Zeal – The gift of enthusiasm.

There. Throw them all into a blender and the end result will be something resembling me, I guess – a witty, cinematic beast of burden who enjoys bright lights, big cities, a little drama and free form affection, all on a grand scale! Or something like that. Give it a shot and see what you’re made of. I’d love to know! E mail your responses………please.


Know thyself. 
– Socrates

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