Hi, I’m Bill. I write and paint, and have kept sketchbooks and journals since I was a kid, which was more than a couple of years ago. The contemporary equivalent of a sketchbook/journal is a blog, so here we are.

I’ve been a creative director in advertising and marketing since forever and a working artist for just as long. My outlook on things, I’ve been told, is somewhat unique but oddly familiar – whatever that means, but I like it. I have these thoughts, you see, and opinions or questions about everything. In an always optimistic and positive light, I like to follow these thoughts and see what can be learned, what can be shared, what can be laughed at and what can be taken away to revisit at a later date.

My goals in life are simple – to be better tomorrow than I am today, to laugh loudly and often, to hug fully and at every opportunity, to never judge and to always share any talents I may have or any knowledge I may have picked up along the way.

My favorite things in life are bridges, clouds and fireflies, obvious metaphors, I guess, for connections, dreams and eccentricity… or is it magic?

Find the joy! That’s what I say, and if you can’t find it, make your own.


Portrait of Domino
Colored Pencil
11" x 14"

The Sloan Studio