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| August 12, 2018

Number 261

All Day and All of the Night

So, I come home after an especially challenging day and I’m kind of exhausted,

but it is Martini Thursday, so that’s a plus, and I come home and enter the front door and the Muse has a play list playing that is perfection and it’s high school/college years again immediately and I’m in HEAVEN! HEAVEN, I tell you! 

Did you have puppy? Yes, of course you did! RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH…Tina Turner! Thank you!

But wait for it, IN-A-GADDA-DA-VIDA by Iron Butterfly! Seriously!

And then SUITE: JUDY BLUE EYES by CBN&Y and if you have to ask, don’t!

And then HIT THE ROAD, JACK by Ray Charles and the Rayettes…yes, the Rayettes! It doesn’t get better than that, and I have a very clear vision of Anita and Ellen and Frank and me singing to an imaginary audience in the darkness of a photo lab in college and it’s HEAVEN again!

And then, SUMMER IN THE CITY by Lovin’ Spoonful…LOVIN’ SPOONFUL!!! and they’re wonderful and the songs had lyrics and they were happy and they weren’t overtly sexual but subliminally, they were EVERYTHING!


Music travels with us always and creates the atmosphere for life! NOT small!

Oh…wait…seriously…FOXEY LADY by Hendrix…I have to sit down…..

And then GRACE SLICK!!!!! SOMEBODY TO LOVE! I’m SOOOO happy to be THAT generation!

And seriously, if you’re not listening and letting your body respond to the beat, well…you’re only half living! 


Don’t you want somebody to love?
– Jefferson Airplane

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