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| May 26, 2018

Number 251

Amal Clooney Went to a Wedding

It was royal.

I got in the elevator last Saturday with a wonderful woman somewhere north of 60 and the 7th floor, and she was beside herself – literally, since the elevator is mirrored – but emotionally, for sure. Actually, the word she used was “besotted” and isn’t that a great thing? Besotted. I always imagine that to be, like, emotionally soaked – the opposite of emotionally drained. Besotted with Spring! Besotted with Oboe music! Besotted with Love!  Or in this lovely lady’s case, BESOTTED WITH THE ROYAL WEDDING!

She was all a flutter, all a dither, all a fill-in-the-appropriate-silly-word-here. Giggly, flushed, at-sixes-and-sevens! And, at somewhere north of 60 and the 7th floor, kind of adorable. I thought she may cry…or have a heart attack…not sure which. But as she put it, “I’m besotted with the royal wedding! I can’t get enough English today! The pomp, the circumstance, the clothes!!!” She went on, “They’re in love! Can’t you see it? In love! And such a handsome couple! And that dress! You watched it of course?” I nodded. There was no point in disagreeing or trying to get a word in. Girlfriend was on a roll.

“He was always my favorite. That Harry! And she’s perfect for him! Our two countries have been reunited by love, and she represents EVERYTHING! They are the future!” And…pause for a breath and her floor which arrived at the same time. As she got off the elevator, she turned back with an impish grin and said, “I’m having fish and chips for dinner tonight!” And then the doors closed. And I thought, would that everyone could have a moment of just that kind of elation. Preferably once a week.

Yes, in fact, I did watch parts of the wedding of Harry and the Megster, but in reruns at a more decent hour. Who doesn’t love a little Pomp when the Circumstance presents itself? And who doesn’t love a little English now and then? There’s not a person reading this who hasn’t tried-on an English accent once in their lives and believed it sounded like the real thing…right?…or is it just me?

At any rate, it was ALL THAT, and Harry is THE COOLEST ROYAL, and Meghan is approachably beautiful in that way that she’s not intimidating but, instead, welcoming, and depending on the angle, looks like every kind of idealized modern woman who doesn’t need a tiara to know she’s born royalty. And they are BESOTTED. And it shows. And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

It was a beautiful day. Beautiful in every way. And then, just when you think it can’t get better we cut to a shot of Amal Clooney and that guy she’s married to. And she’s amazing, which seems to be her go-to  state. I say that with ease and no embarrassment, because I’m BESOTTED with Amal Clooney! But isn’t everyone?


People who are passionate are good at what they do. 
– Amal Clooney


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