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| July 21, 2018

Number 258


I have this basic theory that everyone’s an ambassador.

Of something. Of many things, actually. Every time you show up somewhere, you’re representing categories – social, religious, political, etc. – to people much like yourself but perhaps categorically different. And every time you show up, it’s an opportunity to be the best version of whatever you’re representing, so that, hopefully, little by little you help others see that you’re not so different after all or maybe you are, and isn’t it fantastic!

I’ve never liked labels, you see, and never understood pre-judging anyone or anything, because it’s so incredibly stupid. And lazy. And limiting. And it’s all based on fear and insecurity. And seriously, like, get over it. Move on.

Granted, I’m not exactly shy, and Charm, to my way of thinking, is an Olympic sport. I like to win people over and I like being won over. I like knowing someone else’s story, because it’s a different story than mine and it’s often better than television! And I learn something every time. And I find out that everyone…EVERYONE…has their own version of a mountain to climb, and everyone has their own little soft spot, and everyone has their insecurities and so many of those insecurities are surprising and confounding.

And the only thing more rewarding than watching someone blossom and grow into the best version of themselves, without fears, without insecurities, is being a part of that blossoming – as a catalyst, or sounding board, or example, or cheerleader…or ambassador.

So, welcome to my world. I hope you like it. And if you have any questions, please ask. I’m an open book, and it’s still being written.

Just don’t presume anything. That wouldn’t be nice.    


Be curious, not judgmental. 

– Walt Whitman

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