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| March 16, 2019

Number 276

And The Winner Is

Drum roll please…

We started this contest, remember? How many ornaments on the Christmas tree? And not just any tree, but the abundantly decorated Sloan-Vergine tree of Sarasota! That tree! Yes! Well, the contest has come to an end and I’ve been a bit remiss in getting back to you with the results. Sorry about that. A little busy…

But first, THANK YOU for all of the responses and entries! That was A LOT of people with A LOT of guesses, and the range was interesting to say the least! We had the most modest – 250 ornaments – bless. I could maneuver more ornaments than that onto a center piece for Saint Swithin’s Day…but that’s just me.

Then we heard from the other extreme – 2,500 ornaments – seriously? We’re extreme…but we’re not certifiable…at least not yet.

So, now it’s time to reveal the actual number of ornaments on the actual tree, which stood 10 feet tall and about 5 feet in diameter at the base. And the number is…..1,687! Don’t judge. Enjoy the oddity of it all.

Yes, we counted every one. Yes, we’re unique. Yes, alcohol was consumed.

But it was beautiful, right? One might even say memorable. I’ve always thought that, in a world filled with inappropriate leggings, bad come-overs and an unfortunate use of fillers, beauty is its own reward. So, when in doubt, make it beautiful! Someone, somewhere, will thank you. And if they don’t, their loss…but your victory over the mundane.

So, we made a tree – 7 days in the making, 7 days in the disassembling – and every day, worth it…for the joy and the wonder and the sheer beauty enjoyed by so many.

And after going over all of the many entries, from as far away as Australia and as close as down the hall, we arrived upon an obvious winner…the closest without going over, as the rules said…with a remarkably close conjecture… and the winner is…

Nenette Kress, with a guess of 1,663! Just 24 off! Amazing!!!! Congratulations Nenette!

SO, let me tell you a little something about Nenette. A wonderful woman, simply wonderful, who lives life on her own terms and has never met a challenge that she didn’t conquer. Love and adore. She has stories. She is a story herself. She views everything from five angles at the same time, then blends them together, edits, and comes up with the Nenette-response. Analytical, sensitive and original. And she sings. And she sky dives. And she runs major corporations. 

Friends for life.

Her response to this particular challenge was classically Nenette: “Tis a beautiful tree full of memories. For the fun of it, I think there are 1,663 ornaments. That means you packed, lovingly, over 200 ornaments a day.”

Isn’t that interesting? Others tried to count the individual ornaments visibly, where as she took the approach of caring for them and meticulously putting them to rest after their seasonal performance, and, knowing we’re a little extreme, adding that into the calculation. And there you are.

So, THANK YOU Nenette! A, for being you, and B, for playing and winning. Your prize is on it’s way!

And THANK YOU to the hundreds of others who took part in our little winter escape. Four continents, eighteen states, so many lifetime connections – so wonderful!

We’ve decided to break the rule a little bit because, well, what’s the point of making rules if you can’t break them? Am I right? See, we had another guess, which was actually closer to the actual total but went over and the rules said “closer without going over”…but she was SO CLOSE!

So,our first runner up prize goes to DEBBIE CRON, with a guess of 1,700! Only 13 away from the actual total! Again, I say, AMAZING!!! Debbie is always lovely, always welcoming, always sensitive to detail, so I’m guessing Debbie looked at the images, imagined herself in front of them, took it all in and a number just came to her. And it was darned close! So, Debbie, look for prize number 2 coming your way!!!  And THANK YOU!

Well, there you have it. Our Winter contest has come to an end. And Spring is almost here, which is so much more exciting than any of this. But for me, they’re not that different really. This was a silly little moment of people coming together and responding to a whim and taking a moment to think, engage, respond creatively, and take a chance. And to my way of thinking, that IS the promise of Spring…we just started the ball rolling a little early…or, I guess I should say, ornament rolling.

HAPPY SPRING everyone! And thanks for playing!

My only obligation is to keep myself and other people guessing. 
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