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| August 18, 2018

Number 262

Confidence is Sexy

Don’t you think?

 I do. Always have. Someone who can make decisions. Someone who can turn left when straight ahead is blocked or too crowded or just not working. Someone who owns who they are, regardless of the consequences, who walks tall, who doesn’t apologize for their eccentricities, who is comfortable enough in themselves that they’re naturally gracious and considerate of others, because they, themselves, don’t need the spotlight – they’re lit from within.

It’s that inner-glow thing, that of-course-I-belong-here-because-I-belong-everywhere thing, it’s ego in the healthy sense, not ego in the Kanye sense. It’s the natural-leader thing, the true desire to help others find their best selves, it’s that need to continually learn and grow, knowing that you can, knowing there’s not a stop button on possibilities…maybe a pause button, but never a hard stop.

I’m thinking about this because I’ve been around a lot of people lately who are labeled as leaders. Some have earned it, some have inherited it. Some embody it, some might consider Googling the word to find out what it means. To me, the essence of a leader is their followers. If no one’s following, then no one’s leading. Simple as that.

But the ones who have followers, loyal followers; the ones who are clearly respected and noticeably appreciated; the ones who hand over the mike, and relinquish the spotlight graciously; the ones who champion and challenge the thoughts of others without raising their own voices or breaking a sweat. The ones who receive respect and a smile, just by being true – they’re the ones who are true leaders to me. 

And it all flows from confidence. Sexy, don’t you think?


The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.
– Blake Lively

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