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| May 11, 2018

Number 249

Disco Ball

I have a disco ball in my office. Smack dab in the center, hanging from the ceiling. And, at a certain hour in the early afternoon, I’m at work in the middle of the Stardust Ballroom.

Apparently, they figured me out pretty quickly here. I’d only been on site a few weeks, you see, when I walked into work one Monday morning and there it was – a bright and shining, multi-faceted, mirrored reflector of memories and dreams. While the dance floor is not physically represented, it is clearly understood.

Can I tell you how happy that made me? If you know me at all, I think you know. Because I have a healthy disrespect for just about everything and truly believe that work can be made all that more pleasurable with the proper soundtrack and better lighting. So, here I am in an ever surprising, ever unfolding chapter of my career, surrounded by wonderful people, a strong and steady beat, and refracted particles of light swirling through the air. It could be worse… has been worse…but this…this is Heaven with a Beat!

The surprise to me, Delusionary that I am, is that a “disco ball”, to most of my team at work, is equivalent to a “Model T Ford” to me. Ah well, it happens. Time passes. But MY memories of a disco ball include doing the Hustle with Patti LaBelle…under a disco ball…and Free-styling on the dance floor with Michael Jackson…under a disco ball… and twirling with Princess Radziwill…under a disco ball…and group dancing with the Supermodelgirls…under a disco ball.


Everyone should have a disco ball! I’ve just decided! Or their equivalent, whatever that might be. Whatever conjures up memories of what-was-I-thinking-apparently-nothing-and-isn’t-that-a-wonderful-thing-because-I’ve-been-making-memories-and-I-didn’t-even-notice.

It’s so great when all the representations of your life come together and share the space comfortably. Because you couldn’t be one without the other and, add them all together, there you are! That would be you.

I’m a man of a certain age with a long resumé and an opinion…or two. And I’m the dancer on the speaker on the left at Studio. And that kid owned that speaker…just sayin’ 


The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.
– Blake Lively

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