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| June 16, 2018

Number 254

Have We Met Before?

My brother once said that there are only 46 kinds of people in the world and you meet them over and over and over again.

Funny, right? And strangely true, when you think about it – the life of the party, the shy but smart and oddly sexy dependable person, the empty suit, the temptress, the saint, the insecure puppet, the answer-woman…I could go on. But you get the idea. And if you step back and go through your personal contacts, I think you’ll go, “Hmmmmm.”

It’s not meant to be callous or even amusing – just a broad observation about how similar we are, in spite of working so hard to be unique and different. There are degrees, after all – 10% saint, 35% puppet, 55% temptress…you get the idea. Variations on a theme.

Anyway, my point, I think, is that we keep meeting people and sometimes when we meet, we feel like we already know them and maybe this is that familiarity I’m thinking about. Or maybe it’s that whole other-worldly thing – the universe and time and all that, where you look at someone in your life and you know them and they know you, but it’s on such a remarkably comfortable, personal, intuitive, always-there level that you think, okay, this is weird, but I wonder if we were married in another lifetime or maybe I’m her son or maybe I’m his father or maybe…but I digress. And you may be thinking right now, “He’s crazier than we thought,” but I’m guessing what you’re honestly thinking is, “Yeah, I get that, but you can’t really say things like that out loud.” Guess what. You can.

Because, how else can I explain seeing someone after 20 years and not skipping a beat and looking at a face that is ageless and somehow, now, looks remarkably like relatives from my distant past, even though we’re not related…by blood.

Or what do you say about a long time friend, who looks through your soul when you see each other and you couldn’t lie to if you tried and they are traveling right beside you and seem to know your every day, even though you haven’t said a word…about anything…good or bad…and that’s fine.

And then there’s that totally new person who you’re seeing for the first time ever and you look at each other and Boom! Instant connection, instant recognition. Same speech pattern, same rarefied points of reference, same same. Pot, meet Kettle. What’s that about?

I love the randomness of it all, I love the mystery, the letting go of pre-concieved notions and just lettings things find their places. I think I just love people…all 46 flavors…well, maybe 44.


I collect human relationships very much the way others collect fine art.
– Jerzy Kosinski

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