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| August 26, 2018

Number 263

Hello, Goodbye, Hello Again

Emotions are pinballing around our brains this the best possible way. 

Daisy turns one year old tomorrow. She’s adorable, Daisy is, with butterscotch curls and big brown eyes and a joy-to-the-world expression that only a one year old can have…or a Cocker Spaniel. Did I mention that Daisy’s a Cocker Spaniel? Well, there you are. And there’s a birthday party tomorrow – it’s Sarasota after all – and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. I love the sweetness of it all. I love the recapturing of long ago memories. And if you’ve ever been a pet person, you know exactly what I mean. It’s been a week of wonder, and this seems the perfect icing on the cake…or birthday cake, if you will. 

The week began with a turquoise house. A picture perfect house. A new home for two of our favorite people and we were honored to be their first house guests. They had friends over (aka. our new friends), we walked their new neighborhood (aka. our new neighborhood), we instantly became “The Uncles” to a wonderful group of fascinating people who are making their dreams come true. Including the “two of our favorite people.” SO happy to have front row seats to the Rob and Jen Show. Love. Love.

And then there’s the fact that a very dear forever friend e mailed an image of Barbie and Ken and…let’s call him “Darbie”, a very attractive male Barbie, who apparently just woke up from a night of doll-like wonder with the Kenster…is anybody really surprised? I didn’t think so. Barbie is walking in to Ken’s apartment, all blonde perfection as she is wont to be, while, just on the other side of the wall, Darbie is lounging in bed, as Ken is getting ready for a day of whatever-it-is that Ken does. The picture is funny, truly, partly because we all know Barbie will be fine. Barbie’s always fine…with a change of outfit that proves it. And accessorized to perfection. (How do they make those tiny little sunglasses? I wonder…..)

Soon after the Barbie e mail, we were on our way out to meet two of our favorite people for dinner, which brings us to the Kleenex portion of the week. 

You see, we met these two only four and a half months ago and they immediately became the best part of the Sarasota welcome wagon. We met. We were friends. That simple. Conversation? Easy. Shared Interests? Easy. Laughs? Easy. Genuine Affection? Easy. At an age somewhere north of 32, it’s always remarkable, invigorating and joyous to connect with others quickly – no drama, no issues, just a basic I-know-you-and-you-know-me-and i-apparently-need-a-piece-of-you-in-my-life-for-a-while kind-of-a-thing. We’ve been couple dating for the aforesaid four and a half months and it’s been so good. And then, last night at dinner, we found out they’re moving…to Seattle…this week. And…..deliriously happy for them, because it’s all good…but……sad……nonetheless.

Tomorrow, after Daisy’s birthday party, we and the Seattle two are doing cocktails and ceviché. And we’re being joined by a young Serbian beauty with the longest eyelashes the world has ever seen, and she’s a blessing we share in our short, shared time in Sarasota. So it just seems right.

So that’s a week…filled with silly and sweet and ridiculous and what truly matters. And isn’t that life? Isn’t that everything? 

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. And the week that follows will be bittersweet. Accent on the sweet. Never on the bitter.

Our very new friends are starting a new chapter, just as we did a few months ago. We wish them well. We wish them joy. We wish them love.


Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.
– Truvey Jones in Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling

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