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| October 14, 2016

Number 189

Hitchcockian, He Says

Is that the best comment, or what? 

One of my favorite things about being older than 32 is how many people you meet along the way, and how many you hold onto and hold onto you, and how many drift away and magically return, and how many drift away and sink somewhere in the distance…and that’s fine, too.

And the great thing, the wonderful thing, is when worlds collide and they sort of overlap and meet in an abstract way, thanks to social media, of all things.

So…I’m into this painting frenzy these days, and my brush has become the perfect dancing partner, and all of my styles seem to be coming together, and it’s pretty exciting, to tell the truth. And I got to this point, where I felt like it was time to revisit portraits and figures, but base them on my approach to landscapes and large scale skyscapes. And I wanted to start with a face that was new to me and that was, I don’t know, kind of perfect. Classic, lovely, evocative. I have a new-ish friend I see every Sunday, who is all of those things wrapped in a charming, remarkably modest package, so I asked and she said yes, and we did a sitting, and she was a stunning natural. Stunning, I say, because posing for someone, when you’re not used to it, can be a very uncomfortable, unnatural thing to do. But not for her. Her name is Kim, by the way.

I worked on the portrait of Kim – it’s three feet square – and the time flew. So did the brush. Now it’s done and I kinda love it! And I’m excited to see the next project, which is a figure study, but more about that another time. Back to Kim…

I finished it and, as one does these days who is trying to develop interest in their art (did I mention I’m available for commissions, and the holidays are coming, and what could be better than art??? e mail me at, I posted it on Facebook and Instagram and the responses have been really nice to see. Old friends, new friends, friends of friends, people in Norway I’ve never met – the responses are from everywhere. And responses became conversations. Nice.

And one of my favorites was from a friend I’ve known for ten or twelve years now – my Mister Ames, someone I used to work with who is charming and brilliant and has the devil in his eye and magic in his voice and is one of the most original people I’ve ever known and supportive beyond – and his comment was so good – “there’s something so other worldly about it. haunting. hitchcockian.”

Hitchcockian! How great is that? And, if you, too, are over 32, or under 32 and just really cool, you know exactly what he means. Quietly sinister, elegantly mysterious, Grace Kelly in Rear Window, Kim Novak in Vertigo. And that’s what I was going for! Nice.

I like seduction. I like intimacy. I like unselfconscious beauty and muscular confidence and active gestures and graceful movement and a little mystery and sensual shadows. And they all seem to be coming together with the help of a few newish friends and friends of long standing, mixed together, crossing paths, having conversations even though they’ve never met. What could be more Hitchcockian than that?

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. 
– Alfred Hitchcock

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