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| July 8, 2018

Number 255

I Really Don’t Care, Do You?

Yes. Yes, in fact, I do. 

I suppose it could have been funny, if she wore it to, let’s say, a Jessica Simpson concert, but she didn’t…and it wasn’t. I suppose it could have been performance art, if she were performing and she was an artist, but she wasn’t…and she isn’t. I suppose it could have been stunningly offensive, insensitive and juvenile if she wore it where she wore it and she was who she was………..and she did………and it was.

Here they go again. It’s so hard to keep score in the Dysfunctional Olympics being played out in the Fake News, right? I mean it must be fake, because you can’t make this stuff up…but no, wait. It actually happened, there are photos to prove it, so it IS real news! It’s the players that are fake. Each and every one of them.

Apparently the motive, the inspiration, was revenge. Understandable. Apparently there was yet another insult from that man she lives with that cut too deep, so why not get even? Believable. Why not embarrass him? Do-able. Apparently the pretty, mysterious one has learned the power of being the pretty, mysterious one and took her new persona out for a walk…in front of everyone…in front of the world. Makes sense, in an Edward Albee kind of a universe – it’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the White House version! There’s just one enormous problem with that. YOU’RE GROWN UPS, YOU’RE POWERFUL and YOUR EVERY MOVE IS RECORDED AND HAS A MASSIVE RIPPLE EFFECT THAT IS, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, TIED TO NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT ON AN INTERNATIONAL STAGE.

And this time, there are children involved. Children. She remembers them. She has one of her own, of whom she’s very protective. We call that “mothering” and it’s hard to do long distance. And she knows that, which is why she’d never consider it herself. So, unfortunately for her, she let her personal anger take over and it overflowed onto a cause that she has personally stood up for. Or maybe, as her jacket said, she really doesn’t care…about anything…about any of it. She’s done.

If it were possible, I may in fact feel sorry for the woman in the jacket. But she signed a contract and set her own trap. If she wants to make a statement, a really clear statement, might I suggest filing for divorce? We’d all understand.


My style has stayed pretty consistent over the years. I always wear what I like and what is appropriate for the occasion.
– Melania Trump

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