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| June 23, 2016

Number 173

It’s a Small World After All

I’m not a big fan of Donald Trump. Nothing shocking there.  So, imagine my surprise when today, in my Inbox, there was an e mail from Donald Trump...asking for money.

Oh, the irony, considering that, let’s say, in a previous theoretical era, I was theoretically screwed out of a fair amount of theoretical money by a certain theoretical real estate developer who theoretically said, and I paraphrase,”I’ll pay you half, you’ll take what I pay you and you’ll be happy with it.” Charm, even of a theoretical nature, was a rare characteristic in those days and apparently still is.

So, no, not a fan of mr. trump (lower case intended and kind of enjoyed). I know it, you know it and apparently my computer knows it too. And that’s why I’m surprised I got the e mail, and happily surprised at that. You see, I’ve been thinking about the fact that our computers and phones chart our every move, then data-fy it and reinterpret it to edit and, in a sense, censor our windows on the world. The great all-knowing techno-eye sees all, remembers all, quantifies all and tailors all future info to conform to our likes and dislikes. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan – oh my God, last Sunday, right?! – have you ever noticed how often Game of Thrones info creeps around the edges of your screen? Or let’s say you like cruises…or coffee…or yoga…or David Hasselhoff? Same thing. They tend to pop up a lot. So if you’re a fan of all the things I just said, your digital window probably has a view of a world where fresh coffee is always being served between yoga classes taught by David Hasselhoff on the Queen Mary 2, while Game of Thrones is being shown on a loop in the background. Lovely. Delightful. And a little too close to Fahrenheit 451 for comfort. Can we say, ”Limited point of view?”

And it’s not our fault…totally. It’s Google’s and Bing’s and Yahoo’s but we go along because it just sort of happens. So that, if you have a strong liking for any kind of topic, political included, chances are slim that you’ll ever see a fair, unbiased representation of the opposing side, in order to form a true, fully-vetted opinion as opposed to a slam dunk.

So back to mr. trump’s request for a loan, so to speak. It was refreshing to read it and see that his often-mocked tone and attitude were present in every word. Normally, it would be easier for me to skip right over him, since my screen tends to be more populated by the other side…with the occasional Game of Thrones highlight. But not this time. No, there he was, as big as day, in my Inbox, right between a personal note from a long time friend and a system update announcement from MailChimp. So I read them all, I took from them what I needed and/or wanted and/or valued. I held onto the note from a friend and the update from MailChimp

and I deleted mr. trump. Would that it were that simple.

To me, the worst oversight this year is to not vote at all. If you can’t fully vote FOR her, please consider voting AGAINST him.


Nothing in all the world is more dangerous
than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. 

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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