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| May 18, 2018

Number 250

Lovebugs and Rainbows

During and after mating, adult pairs of lovebugs remain coupled,  even in flight, for up to several days.  Must be exhausting.

So, here we are in paradise, where every day is gorgeous and every sky is wondrous and every smile is contagious and one naturally begins to believe, why yes, it IS paradise, and by one, of course, I mean two – the Muse and me, because it’s borderline perfection here and nothing like the land of walkers and early bird specials we feared possible. Preconceived notions are a terrible thing.

At any rate, just when we’re getting the hang of this everything-is-perfect thing, Mother Nature – ever the ironic whack job – throws in a little ironic weirdness. Enter the lovebugs. Cute name. They must be adorable, right? That would be a No. Lovebugs exist to make love, stay attached, lay an embarrassing overstatement of eggs, then die. Talk about focused. They only have two basic seasons, which are short-lived…as are they…and they swarm. SWARM, I tell you, in the thousands, and some poetic types liken it to snowfall, but I liken it to roll-up-your-windows-because-this-is-gross!

Ever since the first time I saw Alien– still recovering by the way – I’ve pictured bugs and reptiles as human-sized or bigger, an odd quirk, I know, but my own. Sometimes the visions are strangely beautiful and sometimes they’re terrifying, but in this case, they’re embarrassingly inappropriate and just not right. Unavoidably intruding on a private moment. Have they no shame? It’s like Woodstock for insects.

At any rate, on the same day of the mightiest swarm, which also happened to be the lastday of the infestation – a fine word, that – we experienced another first for us in tropical marvels. That would be the instant deluge, the flash-storm. Five minutes of mega-showers, then done. Remarkable! I’d been warned by many about this, but being someone who will purposely walk in the rain and will seek out a puddle, I was kind of looking forward to it.

And it did not disappoint! It had impact! A quick build up! A dramatic crescendo! A powerhouse solo-turn, and then a soft, quiet, gentle fade… This was the Leontyne Price of rain! Fantastic! And as if that weren’t enough, as the final rain drops slowly fell, a rainbow appeared. Of course it did. But not just any rainbow mind you. Oh no. Because this is the land of big skies and glorious cloud formations. I know that’s supposed to be Montana, but, well…

This rainbow was a full half-circle, 180 uninterrupted degrees. I think you really need to applaud for things like that. It beats the hell out of your average SuperBowl-Half-Time Show. And no special effects. None needed.

So there I stood, on the balcony, applauding the sky and the incredible art installation called a semi-circle rainbow. One of the earliest literary occurrences of a rainbow is in the flood story of Noah, where it’s a sign that all life on earth will never be destroyed with a global flood again. Which brings us back to the lovebugs, see? So we have the sublime and the ridiculous tied together once more. A full circle…twice the distance of the rainbow.


My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.
– Lesley Gore

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