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| August 4, 2017

Number 224

Meet Buster

One arm and one leg later, I got a new MacBook Pro this week.

I love Apple. Well, love is a strong word. I’m fond of Apple, how about that? Or better yet, I’m fascinated by Apple. Yeah, that’s it. They’ve fine tuned a minimalist, elegant vision with somewhat fascist undertones, into a must have lifestyle.

There are Apple groupies just like there are Gaga groupies and Game of Thrones groupies but much more emphatic than both of those groups put together. If it’s new, if it’s Apple, if it comes in a beautifully spare white box, whatever the “it” is, they’ve gotta have it! It’s amazing. You might say they drank the Kool-Aid, but then you’d be mixing brands and I don’t think Apple would stand for that.

But I digress…last week my MacBook Pro, my one-month-away-from-“vintage” Pro, my wonderful 17”-that-they-don’t-make-anymore Pro died. It had a little flare spot, played a note I’ve never heard before, then went black and that was that. Sad. So sad. And more than shocking. I thought we’d be together forever. I found myself dealing with the Seven Stages of Tech Death:

1. Shock – “What?! NOOOOO!!! Not Max! Not now! It’s too soon!” (Yes, I named my laptop Max. Don’t judge.)

2. Denial – “It can’t be dead. Maybe if I just reboot…or shake it…or drop it on the ground…”

3. Anger – “…or throw it against a wall!”

4. Bargaining – “I’ll put it in a drawer for a few days, while I knit socks for the firehouse and clean a highway and then when I come back maybe it’ll be working again…”

5. Guilt – “What did I do? Was I too rough? Didn’t I pay enough attention? Did I take it for granted???”

6. Depression – “When windows close…or in this case Macs…it’’s not a happy place…”

7. Acceptance – “I guess I have to buy a new one. I guess I have to sell blood and possibly take out a mortgage to purchase a new piece of Apple-ware, but so be it.”

And that’s how I came to meet my new MacBook Pro and bring it home. We took to each other almost immediately. He’s smaller than Max and has a darker coat. Thinner too. And I’m told he’s easier to take care of, but we’ll see about that. After all, he’s an Apple product which means he’ll be updated and antiquated and “vintage-ized” in no time. But we won’t care because in no time at all, we will have developed a loyal relationship…and I tend to stay with my machinery for a very long time.

His name is Buster by the way. And he helped me write this blog. Good boy Buster! Sit! Stay!


Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers,
the round pegs in the square holes…

– Steve Jobs


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