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| May 4, 2018

Number 248

Shelf Talker

I’m starting to type...

and wondering what words are gonna fall out of my head, because it feels like that sometimes, like they’ve been sitting up their on shelves in my brain and occasionally I rattle the shelves and words come tumbling down, and sometimes they land in some semblance of order, and other times they pile up on each other and make no sense whatsoever…and isn’t that a good word…whatsoever…it originally was quuat-so-euere, and first showed up in the 13th century – fancy – and while it isn’t used much now, it still has a nifty attitude to it, better I think than the word it became – whatever – no, that’s the word it became. It morphed itself into whatever over time and that’s something you hear pretty much all the time, usually with a tone that implies the person saying it actually doesn’t have the interest or energy to generate the missing “so,” so to speak…….or not, as the case may be. In fact, one might say that person had no interest or energy whatsoever! 

See what I did there? My work here is done!


A little nonsense now and then
is relished by the wisest men. 

– Roald Dahl

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