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| November 25, 2018

Number 270


for everything.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Always has been. It’s uncomplicated. All on the surface – spend the day with people you love, eat a lot, talk a lot and wonder when the turkey will be done. No gifts required, no extreme decorating necessary. Just people you love, food and talk. 

Love. Food. Talk.

What else matters? Absolutely nothing. And isn’t that what we’re really saying “Thank you” for?

The Muse and I drove across the state to spend the holiday with two of our favorite people. If I had children, these would be them…and I kind of do…so they kind of are. I learned a long time ago that sometimes other people have your children for you, or at least it certainly seems that way, and they’re generous enough to share them, or there’s just no choice in the matter, and we all find our way. At any rate, these two are part of our fiber, just as we are part of theirs, and how wonderful when you know something like this to be true.

We watch them grow, they watch us change. We contribute to each other’s stories. It’s all good.

I often joke that I have no filter. None. I lost it somewhere in the Nineties. It had been hanging on by a thread since birth, but it still managed to kick in now and then. However, that was then and this is now, and it doesn’t kick in at all. Doesn’t even try. I tend to say what I feel about people…without apologies. When I think someone’s attractive I tell them. Smart? I tell them. Funny? Absolutely. When I feel something for them that’s kind of beyond, I’m gonna let them know. Because, why wouldn’t I? I mean, really, why? Life is short. You may never get to tell them again that they’re special, they matter, they touch you. All that gooey stuff. 

Gooey is good. You may quote me.

I spent so much time, as a kid, being embarrassed, that I think I used up my quota. I just don’t get embarrassed anymore, so I let it go. And it all comes from a place of appreciation. Of thankfulness. And because of that, I think, it just keeps on coming.

So, back to our special Thanksgiving host and hostess – I think they’re wonderful, fascinating, original, brave and true. I love watching them grow and am thrilled to be a part of their supporting cast. Do you know when you see someone or hear their name and you smile from the inside? They do that for me. And that, I think, is the Thanksgiving lesson – that we are all unique, we are all interesting, we are all beautiful and we are all wondering if what we have to offer is enough.

And it is.

And isn’t that a whole lot to be thankful for, right there? Oh, I think so.


I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.
– Henry David Thoreau

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