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| March 19, 2014

Number 55

The Gift of Enthusiasm

Say it twice!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you react in a really big way to something, like maybe a little too big? And maybe, that something sheds a whole new light on you? Okay, maybe not whole new, but for some people… maybe. Of course you have. You’re not admitting it, possibly, but that’s alright. You know you have…

So, years ago there was a club in New York called Area. It was THE place to be… for about 3 months and a couple of hours. I was there one night and got introduced to a couple of the guys from Duran Duran. Remember? Remember?

Never a fan, I thought they were elevator music without the moving experience. But they were very nice. We had a pleasant exchange, there were laughs, as I recall, and that was that.

A few weeks later, along with some friends, I went to visit one of our graphic design teachers from college. As it turned out, he had a 14-year old daughter totally obsessed with Duran Duran. Naturally. Naturally. When her father revealed that fact – actually her t shirt, notebook cover, wrist band and the music she was humming revealed that fact – I mentioned that I met some of them and they seemed nice and….. cue the hysteria!…What?…WHAT did you say?… SIMON LE BON AND NICK RHODES?!!… are you KIDDING ME?!! Ohmygodohmygod, SIMON LE BON AND NICK RHODES?! REALLY??!!! Eventually she calmed down and had to go to her room to melt because she’d touched the hand of someone who touched the hands of not one, but two Duran Durans! Amazing! Amazing!

Cute, young, innocent, sweet – we joked about it in a nice way, even a little enviously, pretending to be blasé and above that sort of behavior. Conversation turned to getting caught up on what other former classmates were up to. This one did on-air graphics for ABC Sports – nice, this one did book covers for Warner Books – great, this one just did an ad for Absolut Vodka – cool, and this one was working with Prince on his next album cover…What?…WHAT did you say?… PRINCE?!!… are you KIDDING ME?!! Ohmygodohmygod, PRINCE?! REALLY??!!!

Apparently I was standing. Apparently my hands had a life of their own. Apparently I had turned into a 14-year old mega-fan right before their eyes. So much for blasé.

I long ago got over the embarrassment of making a fool of myself in public. Good thing, since it happens fairly frequently. I can’t help it. I have the gift of enthusiasm. And it makes me very happy! And Prince is a genius. GENIUS, I tell you! A one-of-a-kind-total-original-with-talent-to-burn!

So, time passes, and imagine my surprise when I’m flipping through tv channels the other night and come across that show with Zooey Deschanel that I’ve never seen but I think she’s cute so I stop for a second and hear her say, actually shout, that she’s been invited to a house party… by Prince… What?… What did she say?… PRINCE?!!… are you KIDDING ME?!! Ohmygodohmygod, PRINCE?! REALLY??!!!

That’s what she said! And that’s what he did! And there he was! In all his Prince-ness. No bigger than a bottle of water with 5-inch heels, a 10-inch afro, Jimi Hendrix’s old glasses and that totally cool sub-basement speaking voice and purple… lots of purple! Poking fun at his own image and making music for not long enough.

The 14-year old mega-fan was back! I had a moment, what can I say?

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