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The Muse

| December 29, 2016

Number 5

Seventeen Questions for 2017

It’s almost time to rev our engines and launch ourselves headlong (or whichever end you tend to lead with) into a New Year! So in preparation, I thought I’d clean out a few drawers and closet shelves (which, I-don’t-know-about-you-but-in-my-case, is often a scary proposition) and make room for another 12 months of important and valuable detritus that will most probably be destined for the wastebasket this time next year.

Among the many things I turned up in my momentary, yet feverish, bout of pre-spring cleaning was a piece printed on somewhat-heavier-than-bond-paper stock (rendering it very-important-indeed) with the intriguing title (in all caps, mind you) of “THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM.” Obviously, this was an extremely valuable document since I had allowed it to languish for nearly two decades at the bottom of my bottom-most (read: only) desk drawer.

In actuality, it was a list of questions (yes, another quiz) along the lines of a Proust questionnaire first used by Bernard Pivot on French television and then adapted by James Lipton on the PBS program “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” This millennial version, however, consisted of 21 (not 20, mind you, nor the more economical ten in the pair aforementioned) introspective questions aimed at self-examination, -realization and -awareness. But TMI – not to mention, I digress.

So in honor of the approaching (not-a-millennium) year of 2017 (and, of course, the fact that I have – again – strayed from my previously announced quarterly schedule of scintillating blogs), I have selected 17 highly revealing questions for your entertainment and amusement. Perhaps to be answered, compared and enjoyed with companions at a New Year’s gathering or another (perhaps less auspicious) occasion. To set my questionable questionnaire apart from others, I have bestowed mine with the more provocative title of:


Who the hell do YOU think you are
and who are your people?

 1. What is your favorite word?
 2. What is your least favorite word?
 3. What is your favorite sound?
 4. What is your most marked characteristic?
 5. What is your most treasured possession?
 6. What do you fear most?
 7. What is your (favorite, most provocative, most private – you choose) guilty pleasure?
 8. What is the most over-rated virtue?
 9. Which talent would you most like to possess?
10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
11. What do you most dislike in other people?
12. Which career would you most like to have tried?
13. Which career are you most glad you didn’t attempt (or aspire to)?
14. Who would play you in the movie?
15. What is your theme song?
16. Which person — living or dead — do you most identify with or admire?
17. Why did you choose what you are wearing right now and do you wonder whether other people are secretly thinking it makes you look fat? (I know that is actually two questions, but I am choosing to ignore that little detail and consider it a bonus round.)


There you have it.  Enjoy…and have a happy, healthy and self-satisfied New Year!  Cheers!


Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

– C. G. Jung

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