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| June 3, 2018

Number 252

Time Traveling

No matter where you go, there you are.   

My favorite thing about traveling, I think, is going back again. Returning to somewhere you’ve been before that you loved, that meant something, that celebrated an event, that set the stage for a memory. There’s no pressure to see the sights, no need to check off the visitor’s check list. The only task at hand is to exist, to be there in this place that feels different and familiar at the same time. To experience the essence of it – remember, re-imagine, recreate.

The same is true of people. Events, too. And this week, I’m getting to combine them all.

It started in San Francisco, an attitude I love, a city with a kind of coffee-dipped, cashmere and fog, throw-away sophistication that feels like a second skin. The Muse and I arrived as we always arrive anywhere – with dinner reservations in hand. We strolled the city, window-shopped, people-watched, maybe-we’ll-do-this…but-we-didn’t, maybe-we’ll-go-there…but-there’s-no-need-to. Then, whaddaya know? It was time for dinner.

We went to our favorite restaurant in the country. Period. It’s called Gary Danko. It’s amazing start to finish – our ultimate definition of dinner and a show. And it didn’t disappoint. Walking in was an immediate flashing back to two years, four years, five years, ten years ago. Great memories, great stories, and now we have a new one to add.

The next day we wandered just to wander, had wine just to have wine, gymmed, shopped and whaddaya know, it was suddenly time to get ready for dinner again. Someplace new, for us anyway – SPQR. Worth it. Add it to the list of next time contenders.

The next day, I was off to Sonoma for a kindofa magical wedding. The Muse stayed on in the city, meeting up with his friend of longest standing (I’ve come to realize that after 50, there’s no need to say “oldest friend” because that’s just rude), who flew in from Lake Tahoe to meet him for a mini-reunion. While they were talking non-stop and letting the intervening years fall away visually as well as conversationally (seriously, you should see these two…gorgeous!), I was meeting up with my friend of longest standing to be her escort at her oldest son’s special day…in a glam-lodge…on the Russian River…a three day event. Incredible.

And, even though we’ve been friends for life and talk every week, I’d never met her three sons in the flesh until this day, and I immediately fell in love three times over. Heaven on a stick! Three young men, all so unique, all still becoming who they’re meant to be – the business man/house dj, the writer/heartthrob, and the mini-me – fabulous naturally and at 6’2”, not so mini. All kinda wonderful. And they know me and I know them and it’s that simple. Love. Love. Love.

And then there was the bride, who alone is ten kinds of wonderful and seven kinds of fabulous and that great mix of Audrey Hepburn/heiress vibe and complete whacko. What’s not to adore?

And then there was my friend. The ageless siren, the other-worldy nature girl in gold sequins head to toe, who was, quite simply, killing it. We shmoozed, we worked the room, sometimes with ease, sometimes with surgical precision. Weddings, after all, are a blood sport, we all know that, right? And we danced all night and drank the equivalent of a mini-bar and were none the worse for wear…because we danced all night. Seriously hardcore. We were like 16 again…but so much better!

The journey continues. The making of memories continues. I’m back on the road to meet up with the Muse and then we’re off to catch a plane to another destination – this time, a new one for us – and another cast of characters we love and adore. Life is an endless gift. And regrets are a waste of time. Forgive everything. Forget nothing. And enjoy the moments…all of them.


Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.
– Tennessee Williams

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