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| January 6, 2017

Number 199

Write You Are

Sometimes, when I’m writing
I can seriously wonder
if there’s anybody noticing
or is it silent thunder?

Do my words engender smiles
or a somewhat pensive, “Ahhhh…”
Are they quotable or memorable,
or, simply, la-di-da?

The writing bug’s an odd one,
more determined than a cold,
for once you’ve been afflicted,
you’ll be writing til you’re old.

But will anyone be reading?

Well, I truly just don’t know.

Would that knowledge change the reason

I put on my verbal show?

I don’t think so any more,
because it’s something that I do.
It’s my therapy, companion, hobby, game,
to name a few.

I can run my brain around the track
and see if I get winded.
I can offer up a concept
and then see if I’d rescind it.

I can think out loud and put it down
on laptop or on paper.
I can recollect a favorite time,
record a favorite caper.

When it comes to love and romance,
I can always wax poetic.
and with subjects more abstracted,
I can sometimes be prophetic.

Writing helps me sort ideas and
helps to calm my mental seas.
Its a free-form meditation of the senses,
if you please.

So if nobody is reading,
I suppose it’s still a fact
that it’s something that I have to do.
Truth. it’s not an act.

Still, I hope that someone’s out there
and I hope you’ve liked my rhyme.
Thanks for playing, thanks for reading.
Thanks for taking precious time.

And if you have a moment,
and perhaps some day you might.
Send a kind thought and a smile…
oh, and don’t forget to write!


Sorry I’m late.
– me

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