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| April 27, 2018

Number 247

You Know What?

One of the best things about getting older is that one day you turn around  and you realize you know some stuff.

Just stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Some of it, useless. Some of it, so random it’s oddly entertaining but useless, unless of course you think oddly entertaining is a very valuable characteristic, which in fact, I do, so I’m pretty much good with that. But then, there’s actually real stuff. Shakespearean quotes, the Doppler effect, green means go, french fries are fattening even though they’re really delicious and kind of a vegetable.

And sometimes, you can surprise yourself with what you know, when, for instance, someone will say something like,”What’s the circumference of a circle?” and you remember it’s pi r squared. Or someone says, as they often do,“I wonder who played the brunette sister in Petticoat Junction?” and you hear yourself reply, “Bobbie Jo was played by Pat Woodell for the first two seasons, then Lori Saunders for the next five.”

Or someone else in an entirely different situation might ask, ”What do you think the 2nd Amendment actually says?” and you respond, naturally, A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed – and not one mention of the right to own an uzi, by the way.” 

You learn stuff. Time goes by and you learn stuff. Some of it falls away, but some of it sticks. And some of it defines who you are and just how varied, and intellectually free-wheeling and self-editing and self-aware you’ve become. The very nature of it – hearing, learning, absorbing, distilling, sharing – is interesting. And all of that makes you really interesting, or at the very least oddly entertaining, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.


Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. 
– Benjamin Spock

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